Why Rabbit?

When people ask us why we chose to raise rabbits Farmer Michael always replies with "Because we can pick them up!" He began his career in farming with rabbits to intimatly understand his food chain. Rabbits provided to be the perfect entrance into meat production. Rabbits are both enviromentally negligable and simple to raise (or so he thought). Requiring very little space and no heavy machinery, rabbitries can be set up in a backyard or under a grove of pieceful Alders without disturbing anyone nearby. Quite simply rabbits can provide sustenance for both the farmer and his (or her) fields without commanding huge amounts of resorces. 


Our Breeds:

After exploring many varieties, the farm has discovered the most robust rabbits come from a strong mixture. Our does are each unique blends of Flemmish Giant, Silver Fox, Californian, New Zealand, American Chinchilla,  and Standard Rex. This mixture creates a large sized, meaty and hearty breed that does well in our climate. As mother nature is not always gentle, we choose rabbits that will be perfectly content dozing in the summer heat or bundled up in the snowy winter. 
Our Feed:

​When the farm began to focus on our rabbit production, we decided that the enterprise must accomplish three things: reduce our carbon footprint, increase economic and environmental sustainability, and allow us as farmers to believe in our rabbitry.  To achieve this, we use a variety of food sorces to raise healthy rabbits, comprising of locally produced feed, as well as fresh pasture, forage and vegetable trimmings from our from our fields.

After exploring both conventional and organic options on the market place, the farm decided to buy local and support Conway Feed. Our original plans were to raise rabbits in a feed free inviroment, however over time we discovered that the nutritional constistancy of pellets reduced stressed on both the rabbits and the farmers. As such half of their diet comes from 17% protien rabbit feed .  (click here for full list of ingredients.)

The rest of their diet consists of a healthy rotation between pasture grasses and vegetables that don't meet our standard for human consumption.

Variety is the spice of life on the farm and our rabbits recieve plenty of variety. Not content to give them a strict pellet diet we strive to give them a blanaced mix of micronutrients and phytochemicals through the grasses, herbs and vegetables on the farm. And plenty of fresh, delicous, artisinal, heirloom water to wash it all down! Grasses provide necessary fiber for a healthy digestive track, while upcycling our vegetables allows us to take advantage of our hard work while reducing waste. Herbs such as parsley, rosemary, and marigold strenghten their immune systems. 

 So whether its grown on the farm or sourced locally, we strive to make sure that every rabbit is both happy and well fed.