Chubby Bunny Farm began with a dream.  Back in 3rd grade, our teacher asked us to create a journal entry which described the ideal room.  My room had an elevator that went down into a basement greenhouse filled with growing sweet corn.  Although I did not grow up on a farm I felt the stir of dirt under my fingers from an early age.  These desires were continually fostered as I grew gardens, dug holes, and even saved wild rabbits, nursing them to health as they lived under my bed.  As with so many childhood dreams, these were set aside to study.  After focusing on web design in highschool at Eastland and Fairfield career and technical center, I attended Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio.  While at college I studied and prepared for a life in the business world.  After a series of internships and and classes I finally graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Business and Business Administration.  This selection led me to Washington state. Through a serious of serendipitous life choices, I discovered the temperate climate of Western Washington.  And it is here I began my adult cultivation of crops.